In the process of working on a new Driver Tutorial for the ESPBasic Series I am looking today to implement some Decimal-to-BCD and BCD-to-Decimal subroutines.

What I have done so far:

1. BCD-to-Decimal subroutine:

hv = val >> 4
hl = val and 15
val = hv*10 + hl

2. Decimal-to-BCD subroutine:

d = int( val / 10 )
d1 = d * 10
d2 = val - d1
val = d*16 + d2

3. Test Program

let val = 96
textbox val
button "To DEC", [DEC]
button "To BCD", [BCD]
wprint "<br><br>"
button " Exit ", [TestExit] 


If you have any other idea please feel free to share it, looking forward to see smarter solutions that that. I’m sure they are!

Happy breadboarding,

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